Monday, November 29, 2010

Mathematical Anomaly

Mathematical questions are the only questions with only one solution. One answer. and yet, mathematics can produce so many anomalies with a mountain of calculations that eventually seem to get nowhere. the ability to grasp mathematics is closely related to being schizophrenic. Hence said, a person talented in maths is as unstable as a psychiatric patient. Even so, the comprehension of mathematics itself is personified as comprehending what some call the truth, some call god.the numbers hold the key to what we don't see.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


SPM is still on going. The first week was surprisingly easy….. too easy. The second week is coming and as they say, the night is darkest before dawn. Doesn’t feel like spm. Maybe its because we are the last generation. The next will have different papers to face. Pity them. Oh well…..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shine bright morning light
Now in the air the spring is coming
Sweet blowing wind
Singing down the hills and valleys
Keep your eyes on me
Now we're on the edge of hell
Dear my love, sweet morning light
Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

“In this place of a never ending rain we lay wake. The Heavens shed its tears for us. For those times we can’t for ourselves. With the tears come the clouds. The darkness offer us haven in its shroud. Concealing all. Our fears, our tears, our appearance vanish from the sight of all others. Rejoicing the present as though there were no tomorrows. Living in a realm of no sorrows. Yet we are always aware that this paradise is too favorable to be reality. Slowly, the much hated dawn banishes the gift of the twilight. Returning all of the past in its wake. Why can’t we stay like hits forever, in the land of the twilight…..”

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Days We See Coming.

So much happened in such short time.
Too bad I can’t catalog it all into a book.
Too much secrets will it have, enough to make it toxic.
‘Breathe Carolina’ an electronic band seems rather appealing to me lately.
Songs include : Hello Fascination, I.D.G.A.F., Dress To Undress, Dressing Room, I’m the Type to Take It Personal, Can I Take You Home? and My Obsession.
These tracks are rather interesting.
Exams aren’t going as well as planned.
Over-Confidence and slight cocky-ness has led to arrogance.
Despair befalls as the result.
At least I have someone to keep me on the right track even though it’s by a leash.
Wouldn’t mind much to show some weakness to someone close.
Here come the exploitations and poisons fed to the mouth.
I wonder why stress doesn't affect me like it does on normal individuals.
They get tensed, go crazy and act differently.
I'm still as crazy as ever.
maybe it's due to the cocky-ness?
Sometimes I do wish I have the norm mentality but it's never as interesting in life without it. 
The horizon seems to be getting close to the end of something.
As the saying goes, THE END IS NIGH.
Let our struggle not be in vain!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JD Relic’s version of TaeYang’s Wedding Dress.
Ive Tried to Say goodbye
But when I see you cry
I wish that I could be the one to dry your eyes
My heart it aches I just cant let let let you know
You are my everything I just cant let you go
I hid my love for you, youve been the one right from the start 
But if you knew the way I felt wed only drift apart.
So I hold my breath for just a little longer
Oh Please leave him and come to me

Baby, can you hear me please dont take his hand
Cause you should be my lady
Ive been waiting, Cant you understand?
Look at me now

When the music plays with a promise you will never be by my side
And every sleepless night I prayed I was dreaming
Hoping that the sun wouldnt rise

To see you in that wedding dress
(dress, dress) girl to see you in that wedding dress
without me next to you
Wedding Dress (dress)
Oh to see you in that wedding dress
Oh No.

Ive tried to let you go, you can never understand
I wish that I could be the one to take your hand.
But now its over I have no more tears to cry
Still when Im all alone I feel you by my side
Youll always be the one I think about you day and night
Ive seen this coming for so long, why should I even fight
So I close my eyes and slip into this nightmare
Oh Please leave him and come to me

Oh girl will you fly away
So I forget the day
I cant erase all of my memories of you
Ill give you everything this song is all I have 
And you've captured my heart,
No Oh Oh

A Letter to GOD

Dear GOD,
     To begin with, this is not a letter of confessions or a letter asking for forgiveness. This is just my thought I want to send to you. It’s not that I don’t believe you exist. I just don’t believe you exist here. In this desolate place filled with nothing but anguish, hate and sorrow. How can I believe in an imaginary friend whom I’ve never seen before?
You may call me hopeless or faithless, but my faith lies in mankind. My only faith is my hope that one day, we can stand together without prejudice, favor, bias or hate. A place with no more sorrow, anguish and pain.
     If you exist, I thank you for this strong yet frail body you have given me. For this wonderful yet lost mind I have. And more importantly for all these useless friends I’ll never regret meeting.
     This would be my first and last letter to you. After this, my faith will only be for me as I can no longer trust those around me. I can’t expect miracles to happen or expect others to act. If I want to realize my dream, I have to abandon all hope and embrace the darkness. Build everything I dreamt of with my bare hands and mine alone.
P.s.  if you do exist, thank you for blessing me with that acquaintance. If it never happened, I wouldn’t have had the insight to make the choice.
Jia Kai

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have no fear for I am .
My name, synonymous to victory.
My mind, antonymous to your words.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


today was a great day. 
had visitors here in smi so we set something up for them. 
everything went smooth (as smooth as we can get it) from start to end (except for the sudden blackouts)
the presentation was great and the reward was even greater. first time ever i'm happy to follow his orders.
too bad i followed it a bit too well in the end.
can't be blame though as you did invite us to do it.
but that doesn't make up for the problems and suffering that has been caused.
with this we began our final deed to the board. 
by the hook or by the crook we will win in the end. the board has never collapse in all it's years of glory and we shall ensure that from the tiniest details of its history to every letter of its function.

Monday, June 21, 2010

End and Beginnings

the hols ended. school days have returned.
like the fact that i have to go to school as it gives me a sense of schedule.
well, got a lot of work to do. hopefully i wont get crewed until agm. 
seriously, who knew f5 life could be this hard when you we're in f4.
can't complain cuz i want it all XD so two thumbs up to hell and a strong head to face it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Holidays

This post is dedicated to the past two weeks, semester holidays which doesn’t seem long enough to be one.
Well, went to Penang on the first week. Had tremendous fun there.
The food just kept coming. Every corner, every turn there are hawkers and stalls and restaurants.
Food was no problem but the fun factor had it’s ironies.
My favourite place, the roller blading ring in Queen’s Bay was closed down.
Was looking forward to it so much! Instead I went jet skiing with my brother. That was satisfying.
Came back to Ipoh on Thursday. Found out SK was pissed that I stole his pencil box on the last day of school. I took it right in front of him and he thought it was left in school……
Gave it back to him on fri and he was over the moon……. I think .
Ended up doing nothing much that week.
Then on tues the week after, I went out to enjoy the day with my alma brother, Tham an friends.
Watched ‘the Karate Kid’
The story is nice but it plagiarized the older versions a bit too much.
Well, at least the arts from China had its chance to shine.
Hopefully Taekwondo Kid will be the sequel to the series!
Juliana should be the main character….. would be epic.
Spent the rest of the day playing games. Owned them again! Woots!
Football season is up due to fifa. Even Amira went nuts over it….
I don’t get why people get so psyched up over a ball on a field.
Had a kick watching it though. It was humorous to me for some reason.
Well, spent the days of this week getting Amira vexed, taunting Zong Boy, running around a park with Keigan and torturing his com at his place.
Assassin’s Creed II is awesome! The killing, the graphics and the cinematics is brilliant. Can’t wait for brotherhood!

Voila (again)

Finally, updated the look on my blog.
Top to bottom done by yours truly, ME!
Well, except the pic of course
Wanted to get it green but Fareesha too my colour ==
This one looks good though…. Does it?
I have no artistic sense so this is the best I can do.
Any better it won’t be by me. Lol
New playlist up to. Hope you guys and gals enjoy =]

Thursday, June 10, 2010


seems like ppl dun like my 'personality'
well, change is immanent.
guess is time to change back to the old me.
question is, would it be worse?
oh well, what to do?
ppl who hate love to hate me =]

Exams over..

half way through th hols alrdy... and now im posting this >< yea, sloth has taken over..... getting lazy again
well, the exams this time is eff-ed up. useless teachers ==
guess i better start cramping late nights again. nid the straight to get to where i wanna go.
Dawn of war is getting increasingly addictive in my school. dow fever it seems.
hopefully it can replace the boring starcraft! XD

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

im here wishing two great people a very auspicious happy bday
first is my godbro. T.K. WEI!
this man has done lotsa good to this world and me
and he shall one day save the economy of the planet ><
smart brilliant and funny....(although he often don't get me jokes)
absolutely no regrets meeting this person =]

the other would be
Nurul Amira aka Amirul aka Amy Isabella
this woman is highly ambitious and as dangerous just as she is wise
hopefully she shall achieve her dreams and not send nuclear missiles at me when she does XD


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Library Studies Ed4

went to library again today.
focused on physics cuz Tuesday got exam
had an interesting time studying
got quite some work done but still.... physics is relatively easy if its related to its relation of relativity XD
got a lot i wanna blog about... but alot i cant say...
can't complain though cuz this is how i wanna live my life=]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is happening 0.0?

lots stuff going on....
especially when i dun notice...
gotta be more vigilant....
nid to open my eyes and revise my chemy...
exam today..... got high in eng paper 2 then in paper 1....
sorry sekkit xD
tomorrow d-day....
why am i spamming '...' so much 0.0?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Library Studies Ed3

went library today again.
with class mates....
was fun... but kinda got bored doing add maths ><
had princess teach bio.... blurred XD
but he's a good teacher.....(abit like gorilla tho... XD....he's gonna kill me for this)
then Lam kean drove us to parade for sushi.... first time kah fai been there
was fun...
and vry grateful we reach there and back safely!
then we played the silent game on the way back.... sekkit lost!
he shouted when lk too a wrong turn..... i won(amazing huh?) cuz i kept quite and listen to my new ipod the whole time XD
then went for a hair cut...
my hair is awesome! =P
here's a vid for ya'll, its damn nice =]

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music.... the remedy for sorrow

this is wonderful piece of music....
makes me proud to be a Malaysian as there are m'sian who can produce art to such international degree.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


ok ok... read this:
spm 2010 starts on 23rd of nov and ending around 28 dec
fridays no exam
exam starts on tuesday 23rd nov.
follow this link to see the complete schedule (Schedule)
 below are tips for mid terms (smi only) all credits go to Teh Sek Kit (the page)
Monday -
Bi Paper1,2

Tuesday -
Bio Paper2, Add Maths P1

Wednesday -
Sejarah Paper1,2

Thursday -
Chemistry Paper2, Mod Maths Paper 1

Friday -
Physics Paper3

Tuesday -
Physics Paper2,1

Wednesday -
Moral, Biology Paper3

Thursday -
Mod Maths Paper2

Friday -
Add Maths Paper2

Monday -
B.Malaysia Paper1,2

Tuesday -
Chemistry Paper3

Wednesday -
Biology Paper1, Chemistry Paper1

Thursday -
ICT, Sivik, PJK

Tips ;

Biology -
F4, Chapter 8,9 Important for essay part
F5 Chapter 3 Important
No F5 for Paper 3, Only F4

Chapter 8 (F4) Paper3

Structure - F4 1,5 F5 2,5
Essay - F4 1,4,8 F5 3,4

F4 Chapter 1 - Hwang Ho, Indus ( one coming out in structure and another one in essay )
F4 Chapter 5 - Read until Piagam
F5 Chapter 2- Read after Gerakan Islah
F5 Chapter 5- 5.1only

F4 Chapter 1 - Hwang Ho or Indus
F4 Chapter 4 - After ciri-ciri kehidupan
F5 Chapter 3 - 3.2only
F5 Chapter 4 - 4.1only

tthats all for now. take care =]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life and Times Ed9

im getting tired easily lately.... maybe its due to not enough sugary goodness or too much of everything?
well, gonna study hard...... i wanna get top for my mid terms XD
but still.... PHYSICS is KILLING me! zzzz
oh well......
back to the books

What happened this week:
went for a new tuition, physics with kitkat, zong boy, lippy, henglit..... and amira.
somebody said i look irreproachably scary when im sad or angry 0.0
then couldnt stay awake in class at all today.... zzzz
i need CANDY!

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bad

had to on fb today><
i know i promised to deac it until after spm but i had to transfer admin of some groups to ppl.
sry sry sry><
today was epic..... i got another demerit for not bringing my bio book==
honestly, i think  believe i can teach better than my school teacher.
haihz.... what to do?
so from now on im gonna study most of my subjects on my and own or in tuition.
today had sc in the lab....
fun but my team made ample of blunders....
next time, our opponents won't be fortunate at all......
=D take care~~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life and Times Ed8

This blog post shall be dedicated to this word:
Voila! It has been an AWESOME week!
For some reason I was HIGH most of the time =]
(there is a reason why I put certain words in purple)
Well, lets start with Monday=]
Went to school EARLY for once! And had fun chatting with my prefect mates.
Then duty was as normal but I went around hugging ppl XD
Was high for some reason!
(maybe itz cuz of the blueberry cake the day b4?)
Everyone thought I lost a few screws =]
Then went tuition that night (add maths)
Sat in the front again cuz Li Fatt(Hao) was damn noisy ><
Pro fella, what to do?
Me and por yin sat there with two of my friends from MC and Gunung Rapat
The thing we had in common was that we we’re all prefects XD
Had fun with add maths, got a bit high and went nuts….. almost raped por yin  too =D
The Next Day
Went to school, this time cikgu Zul gave new orders. We had toact on those even with minor offences. New rules means more fun so got even more high doing my duty!
Class was fun that day. Skipped com class cuz had to work on some stuff ><
Then spent the rest of the day doing my work and trying to calm down (didn’t work obviously)
Had to go for history class…. Zzzz
I dislike the teacher!
I got my reason and darn good ones too!
e.g. she doesn’t teach properly and she scolds us for not understanding the nonsense she recite from the textbook(almost as bad as my school’s bio teacher)
the she would ask us to do ‘homework’
all of which I don’t understand cuz
Got screwed by her cuz she thinks I have a ‘personality problem’
Erm mind me but should it be attitude?
Oh well, don’t care!
I continued studying my bio! Gonna pawn Mr. Chee on Thurs!
Then we I went for rotary quiz preparations just before school ends.
Went around the school looking for a place to go online! Then I found out that Mr. Vellu did something to the network and its now screwed ><
So me and the team + Tham, Sanjay and Mark(I dunno why he was there) had fun quizzing around.
The night soon came and before I know it, I was in Olympia College waiting for it to begin.
Got a shock to see Alvin there== again… (he has to go everywhere I go and kacau==!)
And I got high through out the quiz although I was the reserve (seems like I’ve been the reserve for a lot of things lately)
Lost be 8/9 to Poi Lam == zzz! Jered shall kena for this!
Though we made an objection for some obvious errors, but it was vain so we settled for what we got. Then we had a friendly fun quiz afterwards before the announced the finalists.
Smi bagged two gifts and the rest we’re bagged by adults.
Yeah we’re the only school who could answer correctly all thnx to Noah and Joel.
Jered keep feeding me with the wrong answers! Zzzz! And they kept making me answer!
Was fun and epic =]
Went home with a sore smile on my face that night.
This is what me and Kit Kat did in class during add maths today.
It was a one period subject. Couldn’t do much=]
This is EPIC!

(which is today 29/04) =P
Went to school as usual but was abit tardy cuz I accidentally left Jia Loon’s blazer at home(went back for it, lucky we were still close when I noticed)
Class was great though I didn’t do much of anything productive except study for BIO in history class.
I got my first demerit today…. For not handing in my history h/w which I had no idea how to answer…… (screw the useless lfp teacher)
I asked her for the points of demerit b4 I sign cuz its only customary to know in case she wanna kenakan me ==
I hate her….. she got pissed at me for asking! Zzzzz FINE!
Then I went for ICT CLASS!
Played sc with sk….. he lost in the end stating that ‘im going home’
Raped his base kaw kaw =D
Then prepared for bio tt.
It was EPIC! And AWESOME! And I was HIGH!
Me and kah sheng prepared ahead.

What Mr. Chee asked, we answered! And I ended up shutting him up and stopped him from harassing me! XD
He made me stand a couple of times cuz I couldn’t stop laughing like a mad man =P
What to do? I’m CRAZY and HIGH!
We’ll its and EPIC, HIGH and AWESOME week!
Tomorrow will be more epic =]

Here are some pics to suite sore eyes!
My bottle has been turned into a canvas=D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Life and Times Ed7

great monday night
this was most probably my last night of monday add maths tt cuz im shifting it to fri><
dun wan to cramp my time table so i can add extra tt
friends seem sad to see me leave tho><
then on my way back home, had a taste at 'Uncle Burger'
one word
from taste to the contents
nvr had a better 'ramli' burger b4 ><
even my dad enjoyed it XD
had loads of fun in tt
Tarvin! SMILE!=]
well, thats all for the night


My Music =]

finally finished synchronizing and organizing my entire music library
also liberated my computer of some unwanted files leaving the hard disc with more space for more songs =D
downloading flesh field and getting more artist
soon i shall complete my insane goal!
to get 31 days of non-top music!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


i have updated my blog design!
new songs, new posts, new title, and new layout
love its colour but i might not stick to it....
i nid something extra special
after all, if it aint crazy, it aint me =]
gonna change the pic on my title soon!
something epic! lol
hope you enjoy =D

Philosophies Od1

doesn't it seem weird when we ask 'how's life?'
the complaints that come are un-list-able?
more often it starts with
'I hate....' or 'I can't stand....'
well, hate?
some of my friend complained about everything!
from the smallest bits of details to the large fraction of our world we don't have the power to change.
mind if i give my point of view?
why hate?
if we're gonna waste another breath saying we hate something or we can't stand something, would that change anything?
of course it might get the peers annoyed by the continuous complaints that begun from a simple question.
do you like listening to other ppl complaining about something?
(there must be ppl who do or i wouldn't have the resource to have a say in this XD=)
wouldn't the continuous complaints get you at least abit agitated especially when its about someone you know?
When ever my friends ask me this question, this is how I allow myself to reply:
(greed shall be in another topic so lets leave this detail for now)
at what moment of our lives do we start enjoying it?
when what we supposedly 'hate' or 'can't stand' no longer affects our lives?
we have no ability to manipulate the minds of others
unless you're a sociopath with great mental abilities or a jedi =P
so why not manipulate our own mind?
in the end, they would succeed in making your life miserable
so why not foil their plan and be happy?
why not start seeing things from a different point of view and enjoy what we can
after all, complain about this and that doesn't bring about much good to anyone.
so far i noticed it only gets ppl annoyed or bored and in the end, the same thing is still there.
Try to bring about the good and overlook the bad
you wouldn't really wanna have ppl complain about you, so just try this and see what happens?
you might get a surprise out of it=]
when we compromise a small portion of what we want, we might get a bigger part of the cake than we expected
would it hurt that much just to shift your arse abit to see things differently for a change?
(there isn't much harm in trying to make a difference in this point of view=)
well, this is just the some incoherent ideas of an insane adolescent who lacks commonsense =D

Blueberry Cakes

had taekwondo training today><
so an extra load of stuff b4 going
(dun wanna blackout again)
Amira bought me some blueberry cake
(cant believe she remembers that I LOVE BLUEBERRY!)
had it b4 going for the vigorous training with Chan and it gave me the extra energy in making sure i dun kick it in the head from him XD
came back and checked my songs
got a shocked when my music player only registered 2k of songs ><
where did the other 2 k go???
then suddenly, it wrote 'updating library'
my incredible 4k came back XD
gonna increase my library size soon, lol
so now im reorganizing my media
things in my com are too messy ><
and i found a new list of artist i wan!
to begin with is Flesh Field
Voice of Dissent
its awesome=D
(to me >< due to my weird flavor in music)
Fa i think you might like this one! XD
well, im off to finish my work.
gonna make sure my com is properly organized before i chuck more songs into my phone

(miss this awesome show!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life and Times Ed6

had a great week last week XD
fun in class and off it
well, Tuesday was quite a blast getting to know my junior better ><
and now we call him XBOX b'cuz he only plays games on xbox ==
original games too which means..... XXXXX
then we had sc comps in ict class XD
i didnt play much at first till sat
on fri however i stayed back
was suppose to a tutorial but the coms were very stubborn >< couldn't get anything done right! zzz
then i was off to parade to hand Fa her book(which i have 'reorganized'=)
had fun =D
then i went to school on SATURDAY
amazing >< huh?
instead of studying, i end up playing sc with the gang
Kah sheng is now called the King of Terrans
and guess what they call me?
the king of zerg ><
we ruled every game XD
was unstoppable
then we went head to head (me and KS)
but was ushered out cuz had lessons ><
overall it was
then had tennis prac on sun
my phone became considerably heavier ><
4k of songs in my com now
gonna add more =]
had alot on my mind but i kinda forgot when i got on9 ><
LOL! x2

Send It On
its a freaking nice song><
all thnx to amira.....
she cant stop getting songs into my head!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Times Ed5

a lot of stuff has been happening lately
some nice, some not...
so from this point on, no matter what,
nothing else must matter.
gonna work hard and make sure i have no regrets.
there isnt much keeping me in this world of theirs.
gonna stay back in my own world until you can give me a reason to.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Philosophies of an Insane Adolescent

my friends say im a good philosopher....
so im thinking about publishing some of my philosophies.
shud i make a separate blog or put it here?
gonna title it Philosophies Od-
Od as in Odyssey in hopes it could be as good as the poems for Homer =]
(greek stuff ><)

Library Studies Ed2

went library to study
had to go school b4 that
ict class was cancelled cuz teacher was sick ><
interacts had their iu day today
lotsa ppl attending but too bad i alrdy made plans XD
went to library late cuz couldnt get transport
arrived there late ><
then had fun studying with Amira,  Fareesha, Sekkit and MengHoi
half way thru we got hungry
went to the canteen and it was close ==(added to my frustration and hunger)
then an idea popped up, why not called mcd delivery?
then we made a fuss cuz we were trying to rmbr the num! XD
finally i made the call... but i forgot to order mine cuz Amira didnt include it in the list
had fun in the call cuz it was maddening
went and made up alias for the receipt!
by the time my burger came they finished theirs ><
was left alone but Amira stayed to accompany me.
GONNA TREAT YOU FOR THIS=D (u cant say no! =P)
then went back to finish studies
did work on ict, add maths and physics today but i forgot about chemy ><
then the place shut down at three==
lights we're turned off and we had to leave!
then one by one we left the place.
was a totally epic and memorable day!
hope to have another study group soon XD

Life and Times Ed4

well, class has been going well, me and por yin had the chance to show off some during integration(basics)
was epicly fun but it didnt last long
we got lost in the harder part but manage to get thru XD
Noel mia the whole time for debates ==
and we finished our oral!
they say my part was okay altho i had hindrance from pestilence
was talking about weapons.
i would of talked about the different guns and variations from companies and countries but ended up only explaining the avtomat kalashnikov
even that was a prob for them.....
nothing much happened then except i got my JUNIOR!
my senior told me he wanted to come back and corrupt my amazingly clean jr.... (thnx ervin)
now im gonna mold him to become the best prefect my way =D
the gm was a disappointment
what the teacher advisor said was frustrating
prefecting is a commitment
not another burden
those who took it wants to help and change the school for the better
haihz, what to do?
its unfortunate we're stuck with him... haihz.

Sports Day

Sports day was a blast
had loads of fun there
too bad Fa couldnt come XD
(she tried to kidnap me but ended up being an april fools joke)
heard that my fly over at mc had fun pranking ppl.
not much pranking cuz its sports day, everyone serious on winning.
got screwed by that...(words cant define his level of existance) for doing what i was told.
darn dumb ==
but still, i enjoyed the day
skipped tt that day and went over to Kei's house
tried mw2 there=D
was epic!
here are some pics!
ME mengada-ing with Farris's Camera XD
mengada-ing again!

teacher bought us cakes cuz my class got third!
she's so nice^^
joel adn i cut and distributed the cakes
had some problems half way but all was good in the end =]

Life and Times Ed3

well, im here to talk about the days b4 sports day.
was rather annoying.
had this big problem with pestilence
some existence are there only just to annoy you and cause you trouble.
oh what the heck? since i cant change the hands of time, ill live this moments
but, this pestilence is really getting on my nerves
so we decided alrdy, no more mercy. from now on, we'll have to be discrete in action and without remorse.
an apology ahead of my future conducts
this pestilence is quite lucky though.
since im going to use or (if necessary) abuse my abilities to finish what was started.
i gave the chance and was nice.
its not my fault that this is my last resort.

Days That Gone Pass

sorry for not updating my blog lately.... been busy with stuff.... so im gonna update it now =]
piece by piece

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Life and Times Ed2

wow, its been a great week.
since school's out, i got the chance to do lotsa stuff
hectic and packed..... the way i like it
after all, where is the fun in life is everything was easy? lol
yes, i am crazy... now nie u ppl know? =P
well, had fun going out with my friends
went to the library on weds..... it was a shocker!
went and fecth Fareesha and Aunty Sham from their school cuz daddy asked to....
walked all da where there from school and back.
was fun
at the library we studied..... ok at least i did learn how to do add maths=D
all thnx to amira aka mommy>< her new hair style almost made my jaw drop off!
Ai ling was there and mommy brought her fiancée. lol
my twin was there too but she left early
had fun and chatted then we went to kopitiam for lunch.
mommy had to go back early so she couldnt join us in the craziness!
then after lunch, we went to daddy's house.....
what i did was epic!
Fereesh's scream was totally unforgeable!
i hope he doesnt have nightmares XD
then Caroline came and we chatted about nonsense =P
seems like the book 'the secret' is a popular hit among adults and teens
gonna buy it soo!
had lotsa fun at Daddy's house cuz tt got cancelled.... *auntie sham grins*
then on thurs me, tham and da gang went for outing
saw 'the book of eli'
the story was awesome
third best to sherlock holmes and avatar
Eli is amazing!
the idea of the movie is good but abit stereotyped in my opinion....
but its undisputed that eli is super awesome! he is blind and he can shoot arrows better than any normal person could
and the best part was when he took out the IPOD!
we were laughing at that part but when we saw him fight with his custom machete... *jaw drops*
then the gang went to the bowling station
played snoooker and bowling
lol, we were completely oblivious and had loads of fun
its all about the fun when we play! thats why we call it game and and not competition!
but its kinda dangerous when we have 12 ppl obliviously pointing snooker sticks around.
then after we went mcd for lunch it was cc!
Zong and Sanjay couldnt come... sobx..... wanted to pawn my Zongy's arse in sniping cuz he is improving a heck lot lately...
had fun at cc with chan, tham, jeff, jia loon, wee meng and titus
it was fun
after that, the others dota and i played l4d2 with huei><
his first time at cc after a certain someone's influence
went tt ltr and got pawned by Mr. Chee again
it was amazingly empty cuz alot ppl didnt attend.
the next day i had to empty out my plans for my grandma's bday party.... but i went to tennis practice with kitkat aka
he msg me out of the blue so i had to attend (cant use the excuse that i forgot ><)
bought a new pair of headphones for SKYPE!
the sounds quality aint bad for the price
gonna recommend the school to change to this later >
and then it was saturday
went for a hair cut....
i decided to cut my hair extremely short
1 thing i dun like is keeping and taking care of my hair
waste of time and protein in my opinion
this is my new hair style.
its short and i like it
kinda got influence by mommy when i saw her hair style...
her was like *jaw drops*
but wth, now i dun nid to worry about my hair overheating during assembly and duties and i get to run around unde the sun more =D

and btw i like pink>< got a prob with that? lol
went out the entire day and spent time with my mom.

going out for c&c tomorrow
then its tkwd and h/w......
life is hectic.... and the best part is... i can still online 0.0 (suddenly rmbrs about some h/w i forgot)
tata for now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Tribute to my Twin

since im bore and got nothing better to do, i shall blog about the wonderful ppl i meet and interact with
lets start with one of the important ones, my TWIN (not biological) Michelle Lee Jxx Hxx (she doesnt like her name to be known ><)
My twin and i met thnx to Sim Yuen >< during her bday party!
i was the crazy, retarded fella there as usual >< lol
so we chatted, had fun and went crazy =D
that is a real knife =D covered in cake... lol
had, fun.... got chased around by her cuz we took a pic of her trying to kill me =D (i lost that pic due to phone kena virus... too bad... haihz....)
we got lotsa thing sin common... our bday and the fact that we cant handle spicy food well altho we like it >< and both of us are talkative and likes to sleep =D
she's more of a cat person.....
i like cats but i have a dog that eats metal ><.... wtc!
we chat alot about stuff and always help each other out and humour each other.
she thinks he is fat.... you decide for urself...
in my opinion, she is hawt ><
but she will always be my panda twin =D
sesat and fatt hao always!

A special post for my best friend/brother.... MASTER THAM KUEN WEI!

this is a mengada post about my friend who is about to read my blog
a great guy and the greatest friend =]
he's a great person and a great prefect =]
often vry intimidating with his wide knowledge and ideas
so dun mess with him in facts or prepare to face the music (usually piano pieces)


SOMEBODY has been COMPLAINING that i dun mention Her in my blog... so this will be the first official time i do so =D

P.S. SHUD I PUT A PIC OF HER HERE 0.o? lol and on another note, im spamming =D -s

Something of Everything to Nothing

i was supposed to post this last week but i kinda forgot =D (sry Sek Kit)
this is what happened for bio
this is Sek kit's paper after correction by the teacher

this is my paper = =

Long story short, physically, chemically, biologically, logically, mathematically and alphabetically.... my BIO TEACHER IS AN IDIOT!

here are some other photos on how hard it is to read my bio paper ==
luckily i met Mr. chee from Wijaya or else i would of fail my bio.....
this teacher reads from the book and cant tell the difference between C and D
she thinks the computer she uses is broken when its loading and her explanations are amazingly simple-minded
i.e. student: what is first-line defense mean?
      Teacher: defense by cells la.

wtc= =
 ~the End~

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Semper ExcelsiusAlways Better/Excellent/Higher
this is what i've been up to the entire week.
looks nice huh? lol
most of it is last min work and still got lotsa more to add to it
got criticized bout this cuz i drew it with my hands, the way it should be! not by photoshop or through digital drawing. and partly b'cuz the original one look like this
yes, its a smiley....... and yes, those are headphones
and no i wasnt high when i drew this
Por Yin helped me with it
idea and the shading
if anyone wanna criticize 
pls write it on a piece of paper and give it to someone who gies a damn
cuz for heck sure i dont

and next up is the class shirt
the flag is being drawn this moment by my classmates who wants to help and win.
unlike some fucktards who only know how to talk and give shit while sitting on their fat arses and do nothing

okay, i sound abit hateful rite now but its only cuz its true.

nothing much happened last week
got some stuff that made me extremely happy la><
apart from that, ICQ GAVE ME BACK MY PENDRIVE!
and it has loads of nice kr songs in it >
so happy! lol
and now its alrdy monday

back to work for me~~~