Saturday, August 21, 2010

Days We See Coming.

So much happened in such short time.
Too bad I can’t catalog it all into a book.
Too much secrets will it have, enough to make it toxic.
‘Breathe Carolina’ an electronic band seems rather appealing to me lately.
Songs include : Hello Fascination, I.D.G.A.F., Dress To Undress, Dressing Room, I’m the Type to Take It Personal, Can I Take You Home? and My Obsession.
These tracks are rather interesting.
Exams aren’t going as well as planned.
Over-Confidence and slight cocky-ness has led to arrogance.
Despair befalls as the result.
At least I have someone to keep me on the right track even though it’s by a leash.
Wouldn’t mind much to show some weakness to someone close.
Here come the exploitations and poisons fed to the mouth.
I wonder why stress doesn't affect me like it does on normal individuals.
They get tensed, go crazy and act differently.
I'm still as crazy as ever.
maybe it's due to the cocky-ness?
Sometimes I do wish I have the norm mentality but it's never as interesting in life without it. 
The horizon seems to be getting close to the end of something.
As the saying goes, THE END IS NIGH.
Let our struggle not be in vain!