Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life and Times Ed6

had a great week last week XD
fun in class and off it
well, Tuesday was quite a blast getting to know my junior better ><
and now we call him XBOX b'cuz he only plays games on xbox ==
original games too which means..... XXXXX
then we had sc comps in ict class XD
i didnt play much at first till sat
on fri however i stayed back
was suppose to a tutorial but the coms were very stubborn >< couldn't get anything done right! zzz
then i was off to parade to hand Fa her book(which i have 'reorganized'=)
had fun =D
then i went to school on SATURDAY
amazing >< huh?
instead of studying, i end up playing sc with the gang
Kah sheng is now called the King of Terrans
and guess what they call me?
the king of zerg ><
we ruled every game XD
was unstoppable
then we went head to head (me and KS)
but was ushered out cuz had lessons ><
overall it was
then had tennis prac on sun
my phone became considerably heavier ><
4k of songs in my com now
gonna add more =]
had alot on my mind but i kinda forgot when i got on9 ><
LOL! x2

Send It On
its a freaking nice song><
all thnx to amira.....
she cant stop getting songs into my head!

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