Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sports Day

Sports day was a blast
had loads of fun there
too bad Fa couldnt come XD
(she tried to kidnap me but ended up being an april fools joke)
heard that my fly over at mc had fun pranking ppl.
not much pranking cuz its sports day, everyone serious on winning.
got screwed by that...(words cant define his level of existance) for doing what i was told.
darn dumb ==
but still, i enjoyed the day
skipped tt that day and went over to Kei's house
tried mw2 there=D
was epic!
here are some pics!
ME mengada-ing with Farris's Camera XD
mengada-ing again!

teacher bought us cakes cuz my class got third!
she's so nice^^
joel adn i cut and distributed the cakes
had some problems half way but all was good in the end =]

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