Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JD Relic’s version of TaeYang’s Wedding Dress.
Ive Tried to Say goodbye
But when I see you cry
I wish that I could be the one to dry your eyes
My heart it aches I just cant let let let you know
You are my everything I just cant let you go
I hid my love for you, youve been the one right from the start 
But if you knew the way I felt wed only drift apart.
So I hold my breath for just a little longer
Oh Please leave him and come to me

Baby, can you hear me please dont take his hand
Cause you should be my lady
Ive been waiting, Cant you understand?
Look at me now

When the music plays with a promise you will never be by my side
And every sleepless night I prayed I was dreaming
Hoping that the sun wouldnt rise

To see you in that wedding dress
(dress, dress) girl to see you in that wedding dress
without me next to you
Wedding Dress (dress)
Oh to see you in that wedding dress
Oh No.

Ive tried to let you go, you can never understand
I wish that I could be the one to take your hand.
But now its over I have no more tears to cry
Still when Im all alone I feel you by my side
Youll always be the one I think about you day and night
Ive seen this coming for so long, why should I even fight
So I close my eyes and slip into this nightmare
Oh Please leave him and come to me

Oh girl will you fly away
So I forget the day
I cant erase all of my memories of you
Ill give you everything this song is all I have 
And you've captured my heart,
No Oh Oh

A Letter to GOD

Dear GOD,
     To begin with, this is not a letter of confessions or a letter asking for forgiveness. This is just my thought I want to send to you. It’s not that I don’t believe you exist. I just don’t believe you exist here. In this desolate place filled with nothing but anguish, hate and sorrow. How can I believe in an imaginary friend whom I’ve never seen before?
You may call me hopeless or faithless, but my faith lies in mankind. My only faith is my hope that one day, we can stand together without prejudice, favor, bias or hate. A place with no more sorrow, anguish and pain.
     If you exist, I thank you for this strong yet frail body you have given me. For this wonderful yet lost mind I have. And more importantly for all these useless friends I’ll never regret meeting.
     This would be my first and last letter to you. After this, my faith will only be for me as I can no longer trust those around me. I can’t expect miracles to happen or expect others to act. If I want to realize my dream, I have to abandon all hope and embrace the darkness. Build everything I dreamt of with my bare hands and mine alone.
P.s.  if you do exist, thank you for blessing me with that acquaintance. If it never happened, I wouldn’t have had the insight to make the choice.
Jia Kai

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have no fear for I am .
My name, synonymous to victory.
My mind, antonymous to your words.