Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fascinating three days of my life>

wux suppose to post this yesterday but gotten lazy>< LOL has been hectic three day...... lets start off with Thursday..... -Thursday, been looking forward to this day for a week.... why you may ask? cuz i finally get to see my f6 seniors.... particularly LEROY WONG! i owe him some nice big shoe print on his behind after he kicked me b4 he left~~~ evil person >< witness the tension face of all my senior. Ai Yean was happy although she said she was sad with a smiling face >< saw so many seniors and Tan Kian was there for some reason >< Debra was there too~~! she got her results and we were starring anxiously at her b4 she reveals an astonishing sight.. 3.0 and above.. Congratz! but she wasnt happy at all.... this 'wonderful' person left her bottle in school that day.... a purple coloured nike bottle with wings design on it (she made me memorised how it looked after i took the wrong one >< and got scolded by a certain someone for 'trespassing' into the hall which apparently students aren't allowed to enter..... *looked around* last time i checked there were no signs saying students are not allowed to enter after school and its a boy school! what you expect? zzzz btw this guy also took away my piano learning time..... F@CK IT!) so me and sakana-chan and erm... (crap i forgot her name again >< yes i always forget ppl's name and if lucky i can rmbr the face.... memory problems.....) went back to Debra with the bad news..... she was in the car giving that menacing look but she was actually emo-ing..... SCARY~~~ (hopes she doesnt see this ><) then i took the printer from the ict lab. yes i carried it out of school with everyone looking so there was that million and one question phenomenon-'what are you doing with that?' after my explanation Nakie looked at me with amazement and said.... 'you stole that from the lab arr?' lol-ed..... why would i have the driver with me if i stole it? lol. but seriously, it does look like i stole it XD cuz of a friend WHO-PLANS-A-BIT-TOO-MUCH, i had to take care of that printer and bring it home.... skipped tuition cuz no transport dat day.... (Debra you shud of fecth me~~!) then went home and started playing Bejeweled Blitz >< thnx to my twin for intro-ing me, SORRY! i didn mean to beat ur highscore >< it was just by luck. now my entire family is addicted mom, dad and my sibs are inlove with it then i intro-ed it to my other 'family' =D they got addicted too! lol, Ai Ling got a great highscore but daddy Fareesha..... LAWL! now waiting for mommy Amy to play =D played the game till late night until i started seeing gems @.@ lol -the Next day.... Friday.... told myself i would wake up early to kacau my twin at parade. alarm at 6...... woke up and turned it off saying just a few mins more >< den the next thing i know it was alrdy bright morning got up and played bejeweled blitz again XD then tot my mom how to play... hehe didnt doo much the entire day cuz im still researching on the wonderful mystical ability known as studying mastered by most of my friends == yes... i dunno how to study..... i tried and epic fail >< LAWL! went to tuition.... entered saw amirul outside flirting with the clerk >< the next Yuga..... LAWL! then entered and saw Judith and Farah... chatted about korean music and stuff.. LA~LA~LA then suddenly uncle simon came in and said Cikgu Zul couldnt come.... No BM! joon Yang and Daniel went off to play l4d at Dabiel's house... so me, Juju and Farah was left while Amirul was busy flirting outside XD we drew on the white board and me and Farah's was an epic fail.... a super fat cat and a super thin cat =P juju tried to draw Roxas (i cant rmbr the name but i think this is ><=) her's was incredibly nice lol. then went playing music in the class till 10 then went home and BB again XD -the day after.... Saturday... woke up early for somebody who forgot to call me last night to rmbr to come today.... luckily i remembered!! took the laptop, the printer and my phone to school... arrived and i was looking for the strap for my laptop bag.... couldnt find it so i had to hold it with my left arm while carrying the printer with both.... left hand muscle cramp >< then saw Shama, James and Roshan(yes his name is Roshan but he is not the mud/poop being that throws stunning poop at ppl in DOTA) and i asked. where is TAN WING! THE GUY WHO ASKED ME TO COME EARLY WAS LATE! lol, so we entered to class for the CHESS COMPETITION which i was suppose to provide the laptop and printer for PRINTING? o.0? everything went fine until *scary music plays* we forgot that the office was locked and the guard didnt had the key to it. guess where the chess sets are placed ? went around calling and searching and James suggested we go MC and borrow theirs the teacher decided to postpone it. the announcement was made(pity james had to do it ><=) then as the participants was leaving, En Kamarul came and he had the key! THE IRONY OF THE SITUATION! lol, tan wing and his members went off calling them back. then we carried the chess down to the classes. everything went smoothly after that until.... Tan Wing asked me to participate cuz there wasnt enuf to fit the rounds... lost my first, wont the second and third, draw ont eh forth and died the rest >< Tan Wing put me against the strong and crazy pro ppl >< quote by Tham..... we went back to the competition grounds... had hell a lot of fun doing nothing but chess == then by the end of the day, we had to 'permanently borrow a timer from the perak chess association >< seems like this kinda of clocks does attract ppl then as we were walking out, shama helped me carry my printer then Brandon came with two bottles of coke. shama let me drink his cuz we were darn thirsty. saw Brandon open his den suddenly the drink gushed out == and i did the same while seeing him do that.. luckily the coke didn touch my shoe... phew.... who knows what he did with those bottles >< lol then we waited for our transport to arrive... lol, whenever any of our parents arrive, we would shout 'bye honey... miss you~~~' LOL epicly retarded but it was fun =D *parents glare at us then at their son* went home.... bb again... LAWL! then later went out for dinner at wooley b4 going jj for shopping. went to popuplar to buy stuff. it was freaking funny cuz me and my bro was being crazy took the basket and started filling it up with wateva we saw/we like lol threw my phone in it too for fun =D then got home and check my fb and blog. saw Amy's bog and i was like... @.@ whoa sooo long >< read it thru and it make me laugh like mad.
-The End-

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


finally, im satisfied with how my blog looks
who say green aint the new black? =P
well, hope you ppl enjoy the music i put up hear (happens to be one of my favs)=D
some may be wondering why i chose green?
well, its the official colour of michaelians btw
after all, what school can you find penguins in green blazers?
on the same topic, something lately is making me a bit green with envy......

well apart from that...... i misplaced my phone again last nite >< yup, twice in a day(more like an hr=) scanned my com table den the fridge just to find it on my bed ><
seems like im getting more nyanyuk dee~~~
lotsa stuff gonna happen soon.....
such as.... the first assessment!
hopefully i wun fail and succeed in my history with flying colours....(highly highly unlikely =P=)
oh yeah! the dentist came to visit today...
had a check up in school.....
after a week of non-stop eating which gave me ulsers and made my cheek swollen from the inside.....
got laugh at by Fareesha bout this too ==
was so frickkin' anxious while they were checking
luckily i only nid filling... NO PULLING! yay~~~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Life and Times Ed1

whoa..... me blogging @.@
gonna get even more hectic soon
exams are coming and guess what..... me dunno how to study 0.0
asked around my seniors and they said open book and concentrate
i tried and this is what happened.....
open book, blur case, close book... open facebook =D
then earlier just now, i misplaced my phone
when about searching for it
went to the fridge(left the remote there before=)
then check the com table.....
then check my pockets
and found it lying the couch behind me==
gonna have to start h/w soon
got lots of 'em today and im still online 0.o?

Monday, February 22, 2010


collecting ANG PAUS~~~
decrease in quantity but increase in quantity...
now to the piggy bank with it =P
today supposed to say back for sukantara....
most of my friends didnt stay back so i lazy wanna =P
tomorrow gonna be a brand new day~~
lotsa h/w need2 pass up but i havent even started on any XP
like my title.... LA~LA~LA

Guess whose back? *back again.......JiaKai is mad~~ tell a friend*

lol, from now on..... im gonna blog
i have no idea how but im gonna do it =P
lol, for a person who talk alot im bound to write a lot~~
so brace yourself for another comedy/tragedy written by yours truly.... ME =D