Saturday, April 17, 2010

Library Studies Ed2

went library to study
had to go school b4 that
ict class was cancelled cuz teacher was sick ><
interacts had their iu day today
lotsa ppl attending but too bad i alrdy made plans XD
went to library late cuz couldnt get transport
arrived there late ><
then had fun studying with Amira,  Fareesha, Sekkit and MengHoi
half way thru we got hungry
went to the canteen and it was close ==(added to my frustration and hunger)
then an idea popped up, why not called mcd delivery?
then we made a fuss cuz we were trying to rmbr the num! XD
finally i made the call... but i forgot to order mine cuz Amira didnt include it in the list
had fun in the call cuz it was maddening
went and made up alias for the receipt!
by the time my burger came they finished theirs ><
was left alone but Amira stayed to accompany me.
GONNA TREAT YOU FOR THIS=D (u cant say no! =P)
then went back to finish studies
did work on ict, add maths and physics today but i forgot about chemy ><
then the place shut down at three==
lights we're turned off and we had to leave!
then one by one we left the place.
was a totally epic and memorable day!
hope to have another study group soon XD

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