Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Life and Times Ed2

wow, its been a great week.
since school's out, i got the chance to do lotsa stuff
hectic and packed..... the way i like it
after all, where is the fun in life is everything was easy? lol
yes, i am crazy... now nie u ppl know? =P
well, had fun going out with my friends
went to the library on weds..... it was a shocker!
went and fecth Fareesha and Aunty Sham from their school cuz daddy asked to....
walked all da where there from school and back.
was fun
at the library we studied..... ok at least i did learn how to do add maths=D
all thnx to amira aka mommy>< her new hair style almost made my jaw drop off!
Ai ling was there and mommy brought her fiancée. lol
my twin was there too but she left early
had fun and chatted then we went to kopitiam for lunch.
mommy had to go back early so she couldnt join us in the craziness!
then after lunch, we went to daddy's house.....
what i did was epic!
Fereesh's scream was totally unforgeable!
i hope he doesnt have nightmares XD
then Caroline came and we chatted about nonsense =P
seems like the book 'the secret' is a popular hit among adults and teens
gonna buy it soo!
had lotsa fun at Daddy's house cuz tt got cancelled.... *auntie sham grins*
then on thurs me, tham and da gang went for outing
saw 'the book of eli'
the story was awesome
third best to sherlock holmes and avatar
Eli is amazing!
the idea of the movie is good but abit stereotyped in my opinion....
but its undisputed that eli is super awesome! he is blind and he can shoot arrows better than any normal person could
and the best part was when he took out the IPOD!
we were laughing at that part but when we saw him fight with his custom machete... *jaw drops*
then the gang went to the bowling station
played snoooker and bowling
lol, we were completely oblivious and had loads of fun
its all about the fun when we play! thats why we call it game and and not competition!
but its kinda dangerous when we have 12 ppl obliviously pointing snooker sticks around.
then after we went mcd for lunch it was cc!
Zong and Sanjay couldnt come... sobx..... wanted to pawn my Zongy's arse in sniping cuz he is improving a heck lot lately...
had fun at cc with chan, tham, jeff, jia loon, wee meng and titus
it was fun
after that, the others dota and i played l4d2 with huei><
his first time at cc after a certain someone's influence
went tt ltr and got pawned by Mr. Chee again
it was amazingly empty cuz alot ppl didnt attend.
the next day i had to empty out my plans for my grandma's bday party.... but i went to tennis practice with kitkat aka
he msg me out of the blue so i had to attend (cant use the excuse that i forgot ><)
bought a new pair of headphones for SKYPE!
the sounds quality aint bad for the price
gonna recommend the school to change to this later >
and then it was saturday
went for a hair cut....
i decided to cut my hair extremely short
1 thing i dun like is keeping and taking care of my hair
waste of time and protein in my opinion
this is my new hair style.
its short and i like it
kinda got influence by mommy when i saw her hair style...
her was like *jaw drops*
but wth, now i dun nid to worry about my hair overheating during assembly and duties and i get to run around unde the sun more =D

and btw i like pink>< got a prob with that? lol
went out the entire day and spent time with my mom.

going out for c&c tomorrow
then its tkwd and h/w......
life is hectic.... and the best part is... i can still online 0.0 (suddenly rmbrs about some h/w i forgot)
tata for now.

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