Saturday, May 8, 2010

Library Studies Ed3

went library today again.
with class mates....
was fun... but kinda got bored doing add maths ><
had princess teach bio.... blurred XD
but he's a good teacher.....(abit like gorilla tho... XD....he's gonna kill me for this)
then Lam kean drove us to parade for sushi.... first time kah fai been there
was fun...
and vry grateful we reach there and back safely!
then we played the silent game on the way back.... sekkit lost!
he shouted when lk too a wrong turn..... i won(amazing huh?) cuz i kept quite and listen to my new ipod the whole time XD
then went for a hair cut...
my hair is awesome! =P
here's a vid for ya'll, its damn nice =]

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