Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blueberry Cakes

had taekwondo training today><
so an extra load of stuff b4 going
(dun wanna blackout again)
Amira bought me some blueberry cake
(cant believe she remembers that I LOVE BLUEBERRY!)
had it b4 going for the vigorous training with Chan and it gave me the extra energy in making sure i dun kick it in the head from him XD
came back and checked my songs
got a shocked when my music player only registered 2k of songs ><
where did the other 2 k go???
then suddenly, it wrote 'updating library'
my incredible 4k came back XD
gonna increase my library size soon, lol
so now im reorganizing my media
things in my com are too messy ><
and i found a new list of artist i wan!
to begin with is Flesh Field
Voice of Dissent
its awesome=D
(to me >< due to my weird flavor in music)
Fa i think you might like this one! XD
well, im off to finish my work.
gonna make sure my com is properly organized before i chuck more songs into my phone

(miss this awesome show!)

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