Monday, March 15, 2010

A Tribute to my Twin

since im bore and got nothing better to do, i shall blog about the wonderful ppl i meet and interact with
lets start with one of the important ones, my TWIN (not biological) Michelle Lee Jxx Hxx (she doesnt like her name to be known ><)
My twin and i met thnx to Sim Yuen >< during her bday party!
i was the crazy, retarded fella there as usual >< lol
so we chatted, had fun and went crazy =D
that is a real knife =D covered in cake... lol
had, fun.... got chased around by her cuz we took a pic of her trying to kill me =D (i lost that pic due to phone kena virus... too bad... haihz....)
we got lotsa thing sin common... our bday and the fact that we cant handle spicy food well altho we like it >< and both of us are talkative and likes to sleep =D
she's more of a cat person.....
i like cats but i have a dog that eats metal ><.... wtc!
we chat alot about stuff and always help each other out and humour each other.
she thinks he is fat.... you decide for urself...
in my opinion, she is hawt ><
but she will always be my panda twin =D
sesat and fatt hao always!

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