Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life and Times Ed8

This blog post shall be dedicated to this word:
Voila! It has been an AWESOME week!
For some reason I was HIGH most of the time =]
(there is a reason why I put certain words in purple)
Well, lets start with Monday=]
Went to school EARLY for once! And had fun chatting with my prefect mates.
Then duty was as normal but I went around hugging ppl XD
Was high for some reason!
(maybe itz cuz of the blueberry cake the day b4?)
Everyone thought I lost a few screws =]
Then went tuition that night (add maths)
Sat in the front again cuz Li Fatt(Hao) was damn noisy ><
Pro fella, what to do?
Me and por yin sat there with two of my friends from MC and Gunung Rapat
The thing we had in common was that we we’re all prefects XD
Had fun with add maths, got a bit high and went nuts….. almost raped por yin  too =D
The Next Day
Went to school, this time cikgu Zul gave new orders. We had toact on those even with minor offences. New rules means more fun so got even more high doing my duty!
Class was fun that day. Skipped com class cuz had to work on some stuff ><
Then spent the rest of the day doing my work and trying to calm down (didn’t work obviously)
Had to go for history class…. Zzzz
I dislike the teacher!
I got my reason and darn good ones too!
e.g. she doesn’t teach properly and she scolds us for not understanding the nonsense she recite from the textbook(almost as bad as my school’s bio teacher)
the she would ask us to do ‘homework’
all of which I don’t understand cuz
Got screwed by her cuz she thinks I have a ‘personality problem’
Erm mind me but should it be attitude?
Oh well, don’t care!
I continued studying my bio! Gonna pawn Mr. Chee on Thurs!
Then we I went for rotary quiz preparations just before school ends.
Went around the school looking for a place to go online! Then I found out that Mr. Vellu did something to the network and its now screwed ><
So me and the team + Tham, Sanjay and Mark(I dunno why he was there) had fun quizzing around.
The night soon came and before I know it, I was in Olympia College waiting for it to begin.
Got a shock to see Alvin there== again… (he has to go everywhere I go and kacau==!)
And I got high through out the quiz although I was the reserve (seems like I’ve been the reserve for a lot of things lately)
Lost be 8/9 to Poi Lam == zzz! Jered shall kena for this!
Though we made an objection for some obvious errors, but it was vain so we settled for what we got. Then we had a friendly fun quiz afterwards before the announced the finalists.
Smi bagged two gifts and the rest we’re bagged by adults.
Yeah we’re the only school who could answer correctly all thnx to Noah and Joel.
Jered keep feeding me with the wrong answers! Zzzz! And they kept making me answer!
Was fun and epic =]
Went home with a sore smile on my face that night.
This is what me and Kit Kat did in class during add maths today.
It was a one period subject. Couldn’t do much=]
This is EPIC!

(which is today 29/04) =P
Went to school as usual but was abit tardy cuz I accidentally left Jia Loon’s blazer at home(went back for it, lucky we were still close when I noticed)
Class was great though I didn’t do much of anything productive except study for BIO in history class.
I got my first demerit today…. For not handing in my history h/w which I had no idea how to answer…… (screw the useless lfp teacher)
I asked her for the points of demerit b4 I sign cuz its only customary to know in case she wanna kenakan me ==
I hate her….. she got pissed at me for asking! Zzzzz FINE!
Then I went for ICT CLASS!
Played sc with sk….. he lost in the end stating that ‘im going home’
Raped his base kaw kaw =D
Then prepared for bio tt.
It was EPIC! And AWESOME! And I was HIGH!
Me and kah sheng prepared ahead.

What Mr. Chee asked, we answered! And I ended up shutting him up and stopped him from harassing me! XD
He made me stand a couple of times cuz I couldn’t stop laughing like a mad man =P
What to do? I’m CRAZY and HIGH!
We’ll its and EPIC, HIGH and AWESOME week!
Tomorrow will be more epic =]

Here are some pics to suite sore eyes!
My bottle has been turned into a canvas=D

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