Wednesday, June 30, 2010


today was a great day. 
had visitors here in smi so we set something up for them. 
everything went smooth (as smooth as we can get it) from start to end (except for the sudden blackouts)
the presentation was great and the reward was even greater. first time ever i'm happy to follow his orders.
too bad i followed it a bit too well in the end.
can't be blame though as you did invite us to do it.
but that doesn't make up for the problems and suffering that has been caused.
with this we began our final deed to the board. 
by the hook or by the crook we will win in the end. the board has never collapse in all it's years of glory and we shall ensure that from the tiniest details of its history to every letter of its function.

Monday, June 21, 2010

End and Beginnings

the hols ended. school days have returned.
like the fact that i have to go to school as it gives me a sense of schedule.
well, got a lot of work to do. hopefully i wont get crewed until agm. 
seriously, who knew f5 life could be this hard when you we're in f4.
can't complain cuz i want it all XD so two thumbs up to hell and a strong head to face it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Holidays

This post is dedicated to the past two weeks, semester holidays which doesn’t seem long enough to be one.
Well, went to Penang on the first week. Had tremendous fun there.
The food just kept coming. Every corner, every turn there are hawkers and stalls and restaurants.
Food was no problem but the fun factor had it’s ironies.
My favourite place, the roller blading ring in Queen’s Bay was closed down.
Was looking forward to it so much! Instead I went jet skiing with my brother. That was satisfying.
Came back to Ipoh on Thursday. Found out SK was pissed that I stole his pencil box on the last day of school. I took it right in front of him and he thought it was left in school……
Gave it back to him on fri and he was over the moon……. I think .
Ended up doing nothing much that week.
Then on tues the week after, I went out to enjoy the day with my alma brother, Tham an friends.
Watched ‘the Karate Kid’
The story is nice but it plagiarized the older versions a bit too much.
Well, at least the arts from China had its chance to shine.
Hopefully Taekwondo Kid will be the sequel to the series!
Juliana should be the main character….. would be epic.
Spent the rest of the day playing games. Owned them again! Woots!
Football season is up due to fifa. Even Amira went nuts over it….
I don’t get why people get so psyched up over a ball on a field.
Had a kick watching it though. It was humorous to me for some reason.
Well, spent the days of this week getting Amira vexed, taunting Zong Boy, running around a park with Keigan and torturing his com at his place.
Assassin’s Creed II is awesome! The killing, the graphics and the cinematics is brilliant. Can’t wait for brotherhood!

Voila (again)

Finally, updated the look on my blog.
Top to bottom done by yours truly, ME!
Well, except the pic of course
Wanted to get it green but Fareesha too my colour ==
This one looks good though…. Does it?
I have no artistic sense so this is the best I can do.
Any better it won’t be by me. Lol
New playlist up to. Hope you guys and gals enjoy =]

Thursday, June 10, 2010


seems like ppl dun like my 'personality'
well, change is immanent.
guess is time to change back to the old me.
question is, would it be worse?
oh well, what to do?
ppl who hate love to hate me =]

Exams over..

half way through th hols alrdy... and now im posting this >< yea, sloth has taken over..... getting lazy again
well, the exams this time is eff-ed up. useless teachers ==
guess i better start cramping late nights again. nid the straight to get to where i wanna go.
Dawn of war is getting increasingly addictive in my school. dow fever it seems.
hopefully it can replace the boring starcraft! XD

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

im here wishing two great people a very auspicious happy bday
first is my godbro. T.K. WEI!
this man has done lotsa good to this world and me
and he shall one day save the economy of the planet ><
smart brilliant and funny....(although he often don't get me jokes)
absolutely no regrets meeting this person =]

the other would be
Nurul Amira aka Amirul aka Amy Isabella
this woman is highly ambitious and as dangerous just as she is wise
hopefully she shall achieve her dreams and not send nuclear missiles at me when she does XD