Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life and Times Ed4

well, class has been going well, me and por yin had the chance to show off some during integration(basics)
was epicly fun but it didnt last long
we got lost in the harder part but manage to get thru XD
Noel mia the whole time for debates ==
and we finished our oral!
they say my part was okay altho i had hindrance from pestilence
was talking about weapons.
i would of talked about the different guns and variations from companies and countries but ended up only explaining the avtomat kalashnikov
even that was a prob for them.....
nothing much happened then except i got my JUNIOR!
my senior told me he wanted to come back and corrupt my amazingly clean jr.... (thnx ervin)
now im gonna mold him to become the best prefect my way =D
the gm was a disappointment
what the teacher advisor said was frustrating
prefecting is a commitment
not another burden
those who took it wants to help and change the school for the better
haihz, what to do?
its unfortunate we're stuck with him... haihz.

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