Saturday, May 15, 2010

Library Studies Ed4

went to library again today.
focused on physics cuz Tuesday got exam
had an interesting time studying
got quite some work done but still.... physics is relatively easy if its related to its relation of relativity XD
got a lot i wanna blog about... but alot i cant say...
can't complain though cuz this is how i wanna live my life=]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is happening 0.0?

lots stuff going on....
especially when i dun notice...
gotta be more vigilant....
nid to open my eyes and revise my chemy...
exam today..... got high in eng paper 2 then in paper 1....
sorry sekkit xD
tomorrow d-day....
why am i spamming '...' so much 0.0?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Library Studies Ed3

went library today again.
with class mates....
was fun... but kinda got bored doing add maths ><
had princess teach bio.... blurred XD
but he's a good teacher.....(abit like gorilla tho... XD....he's gonna kill me for this)
then Lam kean drove us to parade for sushi.... first time kah fai been there
was fun...
and vry grateful we reach there and back safely!
then we played the silent game on the way back.... sekkit lost!
he shouted when lk too a wrong turn..... i won(amazing huh?) cuz i kept quite and listen to my new ipod the whole time XD
then went for a hair cut...
my hair is awesome! =P
here's a vid for ya'll, its damn nice =]

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music.... the remedy for sorrow

this is wonderful piece of music....
makes me proud to be a Malaysian as there are m'sian who can produce art to such international degree.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


ok ok... read this:
spm 2010 starts on 23rd of nov and ending around 28 dec
fridays no exam
exam starts on tuesday 23rd nov.
follow this link to see the complete schedule (Schedule)
 below are tips for mid terms (smi only) all credits go to Teh Sek Kit (the page)
Monday -
Bi Paper1,2

Tuesday -
Bio Paper2, Add Maths P1

Wednesday -
Sejarah Paper1,2

Thursday -
Chemistry Paper2, Mod Maths Paper 1

Friday -
Physics Paper3

Tuesday -
Physics Paper2,1

Wednesday -
Moral, Biology Paper3

Thursday -
Mod Maths Paper2

Friday -
Add Maths Paper2

Monday -
B.Malaysia Paper1,2

Tuesday -
Chemistry Paper3

Wednesday -
Biology Paper1, Chemistry Paper1

Thursday -
ICT, Sivik, PJK

Tips ;

Biology -
F4, Chapter 8,9 Important for essay part
F5 Chapter 3 Important
No F5 for Paper 3, Only F4

Chapter 8 (F4) Paper3

Structure - F4 1,5 F5 2,5
Essay - F4 1,4,8 F5 3,4

F4 Chapter 1 - Hwang Ho, Indus ( one coming out in structure and another one in essay )
F4 Chapter 5 - Read until Piagam
F5 Chapter 2- Read after Gerakan Islah
F5 Chapter 5- 5.1only

F4 Chapter 1 - Hwang Ho or Indus
F4 Chapter 4 - After ciri-ciri kehidupan
F5 Chapter 3 - 3.2only
F5 Chapter 4 - 4.1only

tthats all for now. take care =]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life and Times Ed9

im getting tired easily lately.... maybe its due to not enough sugary goodness or too much of everything?
well, gonna study hard...... i wanna get top for my mid terms XD
but still.... PHYSICS is KILLING me! zzzz
oh well......
back to the books

What happened this week:
went for a new tuition, physics with kitkat, zong boy, lippy, henglit..... and amira.
somebody said i look irreproachably scary when im sad or angry 0.0
then couldnt stay awake in class at all today.... zzzz
i need CANDY!