Friday, March 5, 2010

Yay! EXAMS OVER~~~ FOR NOW..... >
heya! been a quick and busy week!
would of been a piece of cake if i knew that bm and bio was on monday..... was studying chemy the whole time thinking it was on mon >< stayed back with tham to study..... then Sanjay came and we had another interesting discussion about life(a lot better than pengajian am for f6) we we're talking about almost everything XD... great times..... tues pulak had eng, chemy and add maths...... eng was extremely easy(hopefully i didn screw up again dis time ><) chemy was manageable but add maths was the killer...... i completely forgot how to do differentiation ><..... the rest i did well..... then mod maths was easy too^^ had an unexpected msg from fareesha asking me about ict! lol, so i just draft a very simple index from my studies later gave it to Fareesh to be passed to fareesha without noticing it, its alrdy thrusday.... was kinda anxious the whole day..... had sej and moral. we did something spectacular and unbelievable..... what me and my friends wrote on the paper was too funny.... we we're oblivious to what the question ask b'cuz our sej teacher didn teach us anything at all last year...... with non-stop cramping and re-studying, chapter 1 and 2 of f5 made us blur >< moral was fun too =D i didn expect Fareesha to suddenly pop up in my school... SORRY DADDY FOR BOMBING YOU >< went for my chemy/bio tt as usual but i was still very anxious for a certain reason. didnt went as well as planned but im glad it went down alright=] then it was fri.... ICT EXAM! studied hard and had lotsa of fun.... and then i skipped classes to help a sommone to search for her bottle... Debra was back to get a resume.... and search for her nike bottle too.... so much fuss over a bottle ><" had a good time... AMIRA! YOU'RE NOT FUGLY... IF U ARE IM WORSE > and now its Saturday.... a week passed by so quickly.....

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