Monday, March 15, 2010

Something of Everything to Nothing

i was supposed to post this last week but i kinda forgot =D (sry Sek Kit)
this is what happened for bio
this is Sek kit's paper after correction by the teacher

this is my paper = =

Long story short, physically, chemically, biologically, logically, mathematically and alphabetically.... my BIO TEACHER IS AN IDIOT!

here are some other photos on how hard it is to read my bio paper ==
luckily i met Mr. chee from Wijaya or else i would of fail my bio.....
this teacher reads from the book and cant tell the difference between C and D
she thinks the computer she uses is broken when its loading and her explanations are amazingly simple-minded
i.e. student: what is first-line defense mean?
      Teacher: defense by cells la.

wtc= =
 ~the End~

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