Sunday, March 14, 2010


Semper ExcelsiusAlways Better/Excellent/Higher
this is what i've been up to the entire week.
looks nice huh? lol
most of it is last min work and still got lotsa more to add to it
got criticized bout this cuz i drew it with my hands, the way it should be! not by photoshop or through digital drawing. and partly b'cuz the original one look like this
yes, its a smiley....... and yes, those are headphones
and no i wasnt high when i drew this
Por Yin helped me with it
idea and the shading
if anyone wanna criticize 
pls write it on a piece of paper and give it to someone who gies a damn
cuz for heck sure i dont

and next up is the class shirt
the flag is being drawn this moment by my classmates who wants to help and win.
unlike some fucktards who only know how to talk and give shit while sitting on their fat arses and do nothing

okay, i sound abit hateful rite now but its only cuz its true.

nothing much happened last week
got some stuff that made me extremely happy la><
apart from that, ICQ GAVE ME BACK MY PENDRIVE!
and it has loads of nice kr songs in it >
so happy! lol
and now its alrdy monday

back to work for me~~~

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