Wednesday, February 24, 2010


finally, im satisfied with how my blog looks
who say green aint the new black? =P
well, hope you ppl enjoy the music i put up hear (happens to be one of my favs)=D
some may be wondering why i chose green?
well, its the official colour of michaelians btw
after all, what school can you find penguins in green blazers?
on the same topic, something lately is making me a bit green with envy......

well apart from that...... i misplaced my phone again last nite >< yup, twice in a day(more like an hr=) scanned my com table den the fridge just to find it on my bed ><
seems like im getting more nyanyuk dee~~~
lotsa stuff gonna happen soon.....
such as.... the first assessment!
hopefully i wun fail and succeed in my history with flying colours....(highly highly unlikely =P=)
oh yeah! the dentist came to visit today...
had a check up in school.....
after a week of non-stop eating which gave me ulsers and made my cheek swollen from the inside.....
got laugh at by Fareesha bout this too ==
was so frickkin' anxious while they were checking
luckily i only nid filling... NO PULLING! yay~~~

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