Monday, January 25, 2010

I have no idea what the title should be(fyi, im bad with names XD=)

well to start off, something very wrong has been happening lately
bombings, homicides, suicides, genocides, and zombicides(just to ass to my list XD=)
the worst yet among these is racism and human beings being too ignorant and arrogant
this is what had happened a few days ago.
A person, proclaiming to be Jason Burnham Dawson has been adding girls in facebook randomly through networks of my friends and mine.
At first who would waste their time with such people
but what began my strife is that this person directly insulted me after he added me
yes, he added me then insulted me =.=
well lets start off with what he sent to my inbox then we'll go on from there =]

Between You and Jason Burnham Dawson

Jason Burnham Dawson January 20 at 8:56pm Report
fuck you fuckin' stinky chinese asshole!
get the fuck out of my sight you ugly chinky bastard!

Jake JiaKai January 21 at 2:04pm
wow real mature
and i thought i was the only guy not acting my age
since im such a 'sore' for your 'healthy' eyes
ill just leave this at it is
have a nice day (if you can=)
and pls, dun be such a racist or you might end up 6feet under someday
take care for now=]

Jason Burnham Dawson January 23 at 11:49pm Report
ok in short, fuck you.
have a nice day dude in 6-feet deep beneath the hell.
that's where your body is bound to be.

Jake JiaKai January 24 at 11:30am
for a guy who simply adds people you sure have a foul mouth
what a pity, you would make and interesting subject for my social studies
pls do entertain me with your limitless inbounding stupidity =]

Jason Burnham Dawson January 25 at 6:13pm Report
you dont look as though you're sufficiently educated. in fact, you're just a garbageman concealing in stinky chinese asshole's face.

Jason Burnham Dawson January 25 at 6:15pm Report
and btw, you look pathetic with your fallacy-driven statements.
in this case, you're not gonna win over me..

Jake JiaKai January 25 at 6:31pm
hahaha fallacy-driven?
as if you know them for real?
why would i need to win over you if you alrdy lost to me at the beginning
as you can see, I haven't directly use or declare anything in a foul mouthed way as you did through out our lil 'chat'
and besides, to do such cowardly act is beneath me and my rank as a Michaelian and as a human.
now, how much would you like to see a 'garbageman' to show your ugly demeanor?

Jake JiaKai January 25 at 6:48pm
and for your info, if I was 'sufficiently educated' in your terms I would pity myself for wasting time arguing with you but fortunately, I'm lowering my head to you to reveal what level of retardation ningen has fallen to=]

Jason Burnham Dawson January 25 at 8:25pm Report
you're being too narcissistic attempting to declare yourself as a victor but in reality, you're nothing but a bunch of retarded fag..
and yeah, i just proved ur retardation level! your iq is just even lower than that of a pig kind.
so, what are you waiting for?
isnt fucking your own family is one of ur sole obligation?
perhaps, practising incest must have become common in modern chinese societies especially buddhists.
hope u can see who you really are before trying to argue with me cos you havent seen me arguing employing the pure techniques of critical thinking.
and just for ur info too, i used to be the best debater in my varsity.
bear in mind that its UK's standard, not even at the same par as tacky malaysian private college standard.nice to meet u somehow.

Jake JiaKai January 25 at 9:38pm
If you disrespect me I wouldn't mind, but disrespecting Chinese and Buddhism is another thing.
It is fine if you think I'm a fag or a retard but never disrespect my religion as I have not done so to yours.
Its unfortunate, you attempt to bring religion into this topic because you have no more idea on what to use against me. To make such false accusation towards another human kind just simply to prove how degenerate you are and how pathetic your attempt is to cover your actions with unjustified statements.
I declare myself the victor because in this conversation with such a person like yourself I have not used anything I do not know about against you or make pathetic false accusations to incur the hatred of others as I have been thought better not just by my religion, my entire norm of society, and culture to respect and give face to humans no matter how ridiculously pathetic they may be because we are in a same boat together. But its insulting for not just me, but the entire race of man kind to even acknowledge an existence as yourself whose only words bring about hatred and strife, causing more problems to the cycle of life. you may think you are all mighty and superior but have you ask yourself who you are and what are the consequence of your actions?
And you may implore your use of 'critical thinking' as you like although none of such is required in our conversation. But since you want to show off your 'techniques' I can say you can do fairly well job at embarrassing yourself further.
Malaysian are not as pathetic as you think. We make lack in a lot of stuff but at least we don't have degenerate people like you who would be nothing but a pain in a society that has evolved in years of understanding, respect and culture.
UK standard or not, I think you are just a waste of good talent. If you have a thing against religion I recommend you this:
Write all your dissatisfaction in a piece of paper and give it to someone who cares. As I am for sure no one here would care any less about your existence.
And just so you know, being a debater doesn't mean you excel as a human being. All you have proven is that you use your words to do nothing but make false statements. This fact I would know well because I live with debaters none of them are as stuck up as you.
And besides that, for certain I know the girls you added to your list of friends doesn't even know who or what your are except for the fact they pity you for your attempt to increase the number of friends you have.
Your thoughts shows nothing but how pathetically daft you are to come up and go against a person like me.
Sorry if I took too much of your 'valuable' time to explain myself but I would rather you use that time for something more beneficial and less annoying. May you have a good day and nice to meet you too as you have just opened up a whole new level of retardation for me to explore in human species=]

Jake JiaKai January 25 at 9:41pm
sry for my typo.. cuz ur making me sleepy with such bombastic words=]

Jason Burnham Dawson January 25 at 10:11pm Report
it's an ample waste of ur time writing those shits on my post.
i've nvr thought you're such a geek yet a naive freak over taking this matter right into ur asshole. in fact, your words are much more similar with those low standardized malaysian chinese debaters who think they are of a superior race. and yea, thanks for being so narcissistic of claiming yourself a so-called "aspiring victor" in this argument and i'd say that you're lacking of your propensity to become persuasive. yet, your arguments are mostly taken from those weakened ones that dont seem to affect me at all. in this case, you're aptly regarded as a person of an uncivilized hominid race who thinks they are virtuous in the perspective of the society. in preponderance, you're just a stupid midget who are not even entitled to engage into an argument with an experienced contestant as me.

Jake JiaKai January 25 at 10:14pm
than may I ask why are you still here arguing with me since you made such a bold statement?

from the extract above, you should notice that I have not once use and vulgarity or stated things which are not true
and yes, I know, my spelling is horrible=.=(all thnks to watching bleach till late nite and Noel's enthusiasm about AOE XD=)
but what makes me angry is that this person(shall we code name him 'bugger' for this post?)
is on a 'rampage' displaying his 'high and mighty' vocabulary and grammar all around facebook where he had no right to be in the first place.
lets to to common opinions my friend gave me about this 'bugger' =]

My classmates common opinion: douchebag of the year award should go to him, complete retard, lawl! this guy is funny for an idiot XD, another buffoon/idiot on fb, thnk god i dun have fb XD, what a waste of tallent haihz =.=..... and lots more comment bout him was brought out
but the majority agreed that this racist 'bugger' deserves a good welcoming smi style=]

now your opinion is open to me, just a teaser this are a few of his pictures and link to his fb acc as asked by my peers.
picture below(sry if i cant put the pic out cuz im not used to blogging XD

ill jsut end it here for now cuz kkp was rite, this is a waste of my time but what is coming up in the near future would be even more interesting =]


Amy Isabella said...

Seriosuly that guy is really a useless person.Let's just say chuff him.He thinks that he's hell of a great but seriously though,your vocabulary is even wider than his.He is demeaning our culture,people's religion,and condemning our virtue and also demeaning Malaysian's standard.This douchebag's rightful place is nowhere.You wasted your time explaining yourself.But I respect you and congratulate you that you made such statements to gun down his useless and baseless argument.Well done.If I may say so, R.I.P to him( ROT IN PEACE).It's sad to say that there is actually a human being like that guy in this world.I'm totally speechless.But, my soul is burning with fury.I HATE THAT GUY although I do not know him.
P/S:I don't usually hate people that I don't know.But I will make this an exemption.

JiaKai 家凯 said...

thnx lots mommy =]
me gonna blog for real~~~

Jensen said...

HAHAHA.. nice post and ncie argue wei jia kai!.. salute*